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在托福写作中,有万能的模板可以帮助我们更好地掌握写作技巧并获得更高的分数。 那么,托福独立写作部分的万能例子有哪些? 考生如何更好地使用这些例子呢?下面汇编了详细内容,供您参考。

Some people think that older children should be required to take care of the younger children. Others think that this should be done by parents or other adults. Which do you prefer?


In most cases, some people think that it is parents’ responsibility to take care of the whole family (1) out of various reasons and factors in situations, while others do not think so, which sound reasonable but ironical based on the fickle situations in society and history. As for me, despite the adventure of being entitled as “absolutist”, I will consistently support that older children should share the burden and be required to take care of their younger siblings (2).

在大多数情况下,有些人认为父母有责任出于各种状况和因素来照顾整个家庭(1),而另一些人则不这么认为,这听起来很合理,但基于孩子多变的情况而具有讽刺意味。 社会和历史。 对于我来说,尽管冒险被称为“绝对主义者”,但我将一如既往地支持年龄较大的孩子应该分担负担,并需要照顾年幼的兄弟姐妹(2)。


(1) 转述题目,或反对的观点


(2) 自己的立场态度


Maybe a lot of people stress the suspect of the authenticity of my point of view, but what I want to demonstrate is, this idea has been certified by our predecessor hundreds of years ago. Abraham Lincoln, for instance, is known as a great man respected by all of the American people, not merely because of his remarkable feat of leading the Union in Civil War and of emancipating the slaves in the South but because of the records and the anecdotes popular in politicians and socialists, telling the story of his family, education background and policies he made to seek his dream. And the reason why he can achieve such a howling success is closely related to the opinion I am holding now. However, despite the seeming irrelevance of the example, try to imagine, if this idea is not accepted doubtlessly, that means Lincoln refused to take the responsibility to take care of his little brothers (3). Consecutively, Lincoln would, in no ways become the man in our memory with integrity and love, as a result of which, he would never be supported by his senators and his people, let alone the fact that he can lead all the northern people to win such a historical battle.

也许很多人都对我的观点的真实性感到怀疑,但是我想证明的是,这个想法已经在我们的前辈几百年前得到了证明。例如,亚伯拉罕·林肯(Abraham Lincoln)被誉为全美人民尊敬的伟人,这不仅是因为他领导内战,解放南方奴隶的杰出成就,而且还因为其记录和轶事在政客和社会主义者中广为流传,讲述了他的家人,受教育的背景以及为寻求梦想而制定的政策的故事。他之所以能够取得如此how跃的成功,与我现在持有的观点密切相关。然而,尽管这个例子似乎无关紧要,但请尝试想象一下,如果这个想法毫无疑问地被接受,那就意味着林肯拒绝承担照顾他的弟弟的责任(3)。连贯地,林肯绝不会以正直和爱心成为我们记忆中的人,因此,他将永远不会得到他的参议员和他的人民的支持,更不用说他可以领导所有北方人民赢得如此历史性的战斗。



(3) 结合例子引入反对的观点



Admittedly there are still some people who probably think that the time and space makes Lincoln a rare example, which cannot be cited as a ground support to the idea mentioned above. In our daily life, another example, the experience of my friend Jane can help to substantiate what I have held. Jane is a single mother in our lab who always wants to get success in her field. However, the efforts she has made never yield any return. The factor leading to this is thatshe wants to fully control both her work and children while her elder son has repeatedly expressed his willing to share the burden and look after his little brother (3). Although we cannot attribute the unpromising end to the assumption she takes granted, it is a fact that she never thought about other alternative options and just go straight in her own way. So the influence originated, developed and stimulated by the insane hypothesis should be considered a critical element.

诚然,仍有一些人可能认为时间和空间使林肯成为一个罕见的例子,不能将其作为上述思想的基础。 在我们的日常生活中,另一个例子是,我的朋友简的经历可以帮助证实我持有的东西。 简是我们实验室里的单身母亲,她一直想在自己的领域取得成功。 但是,她所做的努力从未产生任何回报。 导致这种情况的因素是,她希望完全控制自己的工作和孩子,而大儿子一再表示愿意分担负担并照顾他的弟弟(3)。 尽管我们不能将毫无希望的结局归因于她理所当然的假设,但事实是她从未考虑过其他选择,而只是以自己的方式前进。 因此,由疯狂的假设产生,发展和激发的影响应被视为关键因素。


(3) 结合例子引入反对的观点



There also exists the fact that some other people still think that parents would be a better mentor for children’s growth (1), but it is obvious that it just helps in some specific situations, which pales in comparison to its opposite claim to such a huge extent that it is unnecessary to approve or disprove it.

还有一个事实是,还有一些人仍然认为父母会更好地指导孩子的成长(1),但很明显,它仅在某些特定情况下会有所帮助,与它对如此巨大的说法相反 不需要批准或拒绝的程度。


(1) 反对的观点



So, judging from the reasoning and examples as well as the sub points I presented as above, we can easily draw the conclusion that older children of the family should be required to look after the younger children (2). Just as everybody knows, coins has their sides, but this fact cannot weaken the argument that there is always a side can be considered more by some people, and cannot weaken the argument that older children also play an indispensable role in a family(2).

因此,从我上面介绍的推理和示例以及子要点来看,我们可以轻松得出结论,应该要求家庭中的较大孩子照顾较年幼的孩子(2)。 众所周知,硬币有其优势,但这一事实不能削弱某些人可以更多地考虑总是存在优势的观点,也不能削弱年龄较大的孩子在家庭中也起着不可或缺的作用的观点(2) 。


(2) 自己的立场态度