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【BBC绿茵场外】利物浦扭转败局 Liverpool End Losing Streak

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All clubs go through dry patches没有任何成就的一段时间now and then,but the last month has been torture痛苦的折磨for Liverpool fans.Their team lost four games on a trot一连串的–their worst series of results since 1987.


Player injury,low morale and sheer bad luck led to daily headlines in UK newspapers speculating揣测whether manager Rafael Benitez had a future at Anfield安菲尔德(利物浦队主场).


The Reds put all of that behind them将其抛之脑后in the most emphatic强有力的way possible on Sunday.They beat their arch-rivals劲敌Manchester United 2-0 in front of a euphoric兴奋的home crowd.


United arrived at the game in gleeful spirits幸灾乐祸的with fans throwing beach balls onto the pitch to remind Liverpool of their.


But Liverpool dominated the game,working United's keeper Van der Sar throughout the first half.Van der Sar leapt brilliantly to keep out Aurelio’s free kick in the 14th minute and recovered恢复/追回in time to keep out Kuyt's effort from the rebound反弹.


Kuyt and Aurelio had further chances,but it was left to Fernando Torres to give Liverpool the goal they desperately needed.The Spanish star showed incredible pace速度and precision精确度to slip past Ferdinand and lay the ball high behind Van der Sar.


I was enjoying it but on the inside...It was a great goal.Always he is a threat.Torres was a bit tired and it was difficult for him but he made the difference.


Rafael Benitez,Liverpool FC Manager


The stadium erupted爆发出into cheering so loud one can almost imagine it carrying all the way to Manchester.Yet Benitez remained remarkably composed不露声色的.Later he told the BBC"I was enjoying it on the inside".


When he said that Torres"made the difference"he meant that Torres'goal turned a draw or possible loss into a victory for Liverpool.


The Kopites'利物浦球迷的绰号cheers quickly turned to jeers起哄as Manchester boss Sir Alex Ferguson ordered former前任Liverpool striker Michael Owen onto the pitch.


Owen almost silenced the taunts嘲弄when he set up设计Valencia,but the shot smashed against the bar.It was United’s final proper chance.


Liverpool substitute Ngog put the seal on victory with a goal five minutes into extra time.The Reds'keeper Pepe Reina raced down the pitch to celebrate with Ngog–a sign of just how much was riding on取决于this victory for the Reds.


There was a wounded animal aspect to the game and it was something we did not overcome.It was a disappointing performance by us,in the first half in particular.


Sir Alex Ferguson,Manchester United Manager


After the match,Ferguson conceded that his team’s performance had been"disappointing"but pointed to把…归因于the strange atmosphere at Anfield on the day.By the"wounded animal aspect因素to the game"Ferguson implied that there was a desperation to Liverpool’s play and the crowd’s temper that was intimidating令人畏惧的to United.


Ferguson also suggested that the pressure from the home crowd may have clouded干扰referee Andre Marriner's decision-making.


Sir Alex Ferguson was recently charged by the Football Association following remarks he made about the fitness of another referee,Alan Wiley.