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【BBC英语新闻】印度官员因雾霾问题相互指责 Indian officials blame each other over smog

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India's top court has called on politicians to stop blaming each other for the toxic smog, which is causing a public health emergency in the capital Delhi and take action. The court's comments come as the authorities in Delhi introduced restrictions on the use of private cars in the city as a way of addressing the crisis. Jill McGivering reports.



In strongly-worded statement, the court questioned why people in Delhi were choking every year. “The right to breathe clean air was a fundamental right,” it said. It also asked why the farming practice of burning off stubble was continuing in neighboring states despite a ban that seen as a major cause of the current crisis. The court said that officials at all levels should be held accountable. On Monday, Delhi introduced restrictions on private cars as part of efforts to tackle the worst pollution for three years.


Police in Vietnam have made further arrests in connection with the death of thirty-nine migrants who were found in a lorry container in Britain. Vietnamese police said that they were determined to destroy the smuggling networks taking people from East Asia to Britain. Here's Michael Bristow.



Vietnam has now arrested, over the weekend, arrested eight people from central provinces where many of these migrants are thought were originated from as two extra people arrested on Friday in Vietnam. In addition to that, we have two people facing manslaughter charges, one in Britain, one in Ireland. The police are hoping to extradite him to United Kingdom. In tandem, we have the process of trying to identify the people found in the back of the lorry and we have a group of Vietnamese officials who have just arrived in London to help British police with that.


The Nigerian army is investigating allegations that soldiers tied up and killed a suspect in the north-east of the country before burying him in a shallow grave. A video widely shared over the weekend appears to show soldiers carrying out the torture and killing. Mayeni Jones reports.


In a statement, the army condemned the acts shown in the video, which it said was likely filmed in north-eastern Nigeria. It added that the culprits would face military justice. The graphic footage shows a half-naked man tied by the elbows and ankles being dragged across a field by men in military fatigues. One of the perpetrators tells the victims he deserves to be punished for making them leave their homes to come to Borno state. The man is eventually dropped into a shallow grave where he shot and buried. It's unclear when the video was filmed.



Mcdonald's has sacked its chief executive for having a relationship with an employee. The fast-food company said Steve Easterbrook has broken the firm's rules although the relationship was consensual. Mcdonald's prohibits its managers from dating more junior staff. Mr. Easterbrook has been widely credited with improving the company's fortunes.



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