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【BBC英语新闻】沙特石油巨头开启首次公开募股 Saudi oil giant launches initial public offering

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BBC News.Hello,I'm Jerry Smit.Sir Lanka's controversial former wartime Defense Chief Gotabaya Rajapaksa has claimed victory in the presidential election.The election commission has yet to release official results,but his main rival Sajith Premadasa has conceded.It's been a polarizing vote.From Colombo,here's Jill McGivering.Gotabaya Rajapaksa comments passionate support among many in the Buddhist Sinhalese majority in Sir Lanka.He and his brother Mahinda,who was president here for ten years,are credited with bringing an end to the country's long civil war.Now,his supporters want him to restore stability in the aftermath of the Easter attacks by Islamic militants.He's a controversial figure who denies claims of ruthlessness and human rights abuses.His main rival,Sajith Premadasa was strongly supported by the Tamil and Muslim minorities here.He offered a more liberal and inclusive vision,but may have been damaged by his links to the current government.

英国广播公司新闻。你好,我是杰瑞·斯密特。斯里兰卡备受争议的前战时防长拉贾帕克萨(Gotabaya Rajapaksa)宣布在总统选举中获胜。选举委员会尚未公布官方结果,但他的主要竞争对手萨吉特·普雷马达萨(Sajith Premadasa)已经让步。这是一个两极分化的投票。科伦坡来的,吉尔·麦吉弗林。戈塔巴亚拉贾帕克萨评论说,在斯里兰卡僧伽罗语占多数的佛教徒中,有很多人热情支持。他和他在这里当了十年总统的兄弟马欣达被认为结束了这个国家漫长的内战。现在,他的支持者希望他在伊斯兰激进分子复活节袭击后恢复稳定。他是一个饱受争议的人物,否认了有关残忍和侵犯人权的说法。他的主要竞争对手,萨吉特普雷马达萨在这里得到泰米尔和穆斯林少数民族的大力支持。他提出了一个更加自由和包容的愿景,但可能因为他与现任政府的联系而受损。

Saudi Arabia state oil company has announced a share price for its initial public offering,likely to be the biggest in financial history.Saudi Aramco said its preliminary evaluation was about 1.7 trillion dollars.The Saudi authorities are amounting a huge campaign to encourage citizens to invest.From Riyadh,Sebastian Usher.The stakes are not only astronomically high financially,but politically too for Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.His vastly ambitious project to transform Saudi Arabia economically needs a big injection of cash.Selling 1.5 percent of Saudi Aramco shares on the local market will provide this.But plans for a bigger sale on the international market appear to be on hold.It's reported that the super rich have had it made clear to them,but they have no choice but to invest,while the middle class is being told not to miss out and offered a variety of incentives.

沙特阿拉伯国家石油公司(Saudi a Arabia state oil company)宣布了首次公开发行(ipo)的股价,这可能是金融史上最大的一次。沙特阿美表示,初步评估约为1.7万亿美元。沙特当局正在发起一场大规模的运动,鼓励公民投资来自利雅得,塞巴斯蒂安·厄舍。对王储穆罕默德·本·萨勒曼来说,这不仅在财政上和政治上都是天文数字般的高风险。他雄心勃勃的改造沙特阿拉伯经济的计划需要大量的资金注入。在当地市场出售沙特阿美1.5%的股份将提供这一点。但在国际市场上扩大销售的计划似乎被搁置。据报道,超级富豪已经向他们表明了这一点,但他们别无选择,只能投资,而中产阶级则被告知不要错过机会,并提供各种激励措施。

The incumbent Democratic governor John Bel Edwards has won an unexpected victory in the American state of Louisiana.He's narrowly beaten the Republican Eddie Rispone in a context marked by direct interventions from President Trump.Speaking at his party headquarters in Baton Rouge,Mr.Edwards said the result was a victory for unity and justice.I have criss-crossed this state from Bastrop to Houma,from Sulfer to Saint Joseph and no matter where I go,whether it's the barrooms,or the union halls,the classrooms,church pews,festivals,or football fields,I am reminded that there is far more that unites us than divides us.The results coming after another gubernatorial electoral defeating in Kentucky and losses in the Virginia legislative race seems likely to damage Republicans as they head into the 2020 presidential election.


South Korea and the United States have postponed their annual combined aerial exercises to try to encourage talks with North Korea.The US Defense Secretary said the move was not a concession,but an effort to enable peace.



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