Mice and rats have long been used in medical research because of their biological similarities to humans.The tiny animals have already shown an ability to recognize objects, push buttonsand find their way through compl
American scientists have reported the first successful sexual reproduction of Atlantic coral in a laboratory setting. Researchers at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa recently announced their results. They described the
In Austria, researchers are drilling into mountain glaciers in the Alps in search of data about the Earth’s climate thousands of years ago. Glaciers are huge areas of ancient ice on mountains or in very cold places that
Scientists blame greenhouse gases for being a major cause of climate change around the world. This is because greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere and make the planet warmer. Higher temperatures have caused maj
Lack of food throughout the year is a leading cause of the world’s decreasing bee populations. This is what they sound like when they are buzzing, or flying, around, looking for food. During some seasons, there just is no
Researchers say they have discovered new details about the day an asteroid hit Earth and killed off the dinosaurs. Scientists believe the asteroid struck the Earth about 65 million years ago near what is today Mexico’s
It is already known that dogs can use their highly developed sense of smell to search out drugs, explosives and disaster survivors. Now, some are being trained to find a different kind of threat - plant species that can ha
Rising sea levels are threatening parts of the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria. Alexander the Great established the city more than 2,000 years ago. In that time, it has survived invasions, fires and earthquakes. But, A
Cheryl Hayashi began examining the body of a silver garden spider under her microscope. Using two sets of tweezers, she soon found what she was looking for: hundreds of silk glands, the organs spiders use to make their we
Wildlife activists say they have rescued what may be the world’s last surviving members of a highly endangered species of water frog. A team of conservationists captured 14 Loa water frogs earlier this month in northern
An American website reported last month that President Donald Trump asked U.S. government officials to explore using nuclear bombs to stop hurricanes. It claimed that Trump had suggested the targeted use of nuclear bom
A fossil from Ethiopia is letting scientists look deep into the past -- and they see a face looking back. The fossil is estimated to be 3.8 million years old. It helps complete the face for what scientists believe to be an a
Researchers have created a wearable device they say can extend energy while providing assistance for walking and running. The robotic device, called an exosuit, is described in a study in the magazine Science. Research
Ocean scientist David Holland calls Greenland “the end of the planet.” The New York University professor is mostly talking about Greenland’s location in the North Atlantic. But in many ways, it is where the planet’s fut
A new study suggests that the planet Jupiter may have been hit a long time ago by a still-developing planet, one about 10 times the size of Earth. Scientists believe the head-on crash took place not long after Jupiter was f
The way a person’s eyes move can show whether or not the person recognizes someone else -- even if you try to hide it. That is what a team of international researchers reported recently. The finding could be important for
United States government scientists say July 2019 was the hottest month on record worldwide. The average temperature in July was almost one degree Celsius higher than the 20th century average of 15.78 degrees. That made it t
New research suggests that human beings may have been partly responsible for the disappearance of cave bears thousands of years ago. The plant-loving animals once lived across Europe. Some experts had believed that the
Scientists in New Zealand have found fossilized leg bones from a penguin believed to have been about the size of an adult human. The previously undiscovered giant penguin species likely stood about 1.6 meters tall and we
Scientists say they have found high levels of small plastic particles in Arctic snow. Their findings provide more evidence that plastic is entering Earth’s atmosphere and traveling great distances around the planet. 科
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