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[翻译]AS IT IS - Turkish President: Saudis Plotted Journalist’s Killing

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Turkey’s president says Saudi officials plotted for days to kill reporter Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic offices in Istanbul.

土耳其总统表示,沙特官员在沙特驻伊斯坦布尔领事馆杀害了记者贾马尔·卡舒吉(Jamal Khashoggi)。

On Tuesday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke to Turkey’s parliament about the incident believed to have happened on October 2.


Erdogan refused to accept Saudi Arabia’s explanation that the Saudi journalist was accidentally killed. Erdogan also demanded that the Saudis tell him the names of every person involved.


Erdogan said he wants Saudi Arabia to send 18 suspects to Turkey for a trial. The Saudi government has arrested 18 men in connection to the killing and said it is carrying out an investigation.


Saudi Arabia has described the suspects as rogue operators. But reports have linked Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the killing.

沙特将嫌犯称之为野蛮特工。但是有报道称沙特的王储穆罕默德·本·萨勒曼(Mohammed bin Salman)也有卷入。

“To blame such an incident on…security and intelligence members would not satisfy us or the international community,” Erdogan said in a speech to parliament.


The Turkish president said Saudi Arabia admitted to the killing. He said he expects the 18 will be brought to justice. He used the word “murder” 15 times in his speech to parliament.


The Associated Press reports that a U.S. official, who refused to be identified by name, said CIA director Gina Haspel is in Turkey to discuss the case.

据美联社报道,一名拒绝透露姓名的美国官员表示,中情局局长吉娜·哈斯佩尔(Gina Haspel)正在土耳其商议此事。

U.S. President Donald Trump also has said he is not satisfied with the explanations from Saudi Arabia about the death. Khashoggi was a writer for the Washington Post newspaper and a critic of the Saudi government.


Erdogan did not blame Crown Prince Mohammed by name in his speech. However, he kept pressure on the Saudi government with his demands for the Saudi suspects.


Calling Khashoggi “the victim of a savage murder,” Erdogan said that ignoring the murder would “hurt the human conscience.”


Erdogan said 15 Saudi officials arrived in the country before Khashoggi’s death. He also said a man wore Khashoggi’s clothes and walked out of the diplomatic office, possibly as a decoy.


“We are seeking answers. Who did these people get their orders from to go (to Turkey)?” Erdogan asked.


International attention increased after Saudi Arabia said on Saturday that Khashoggi died in a fight. The case has shocked people around the world.


At a government meeting Tuesday, King Salman again said that Saudi Arabia would hold those responsible for Khashoggi’s death “accountable.” The state-run Saudi Press Agency reported his comments.


Saudi Arabia said it has arrested suspects and dismissed several important intelligence officials. Critics believe the arrests were a way to cover up the responsibility of Crown Prince Mohammed.


Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister said Tuesday the investigation into the killing of Khashoggi would produce the truth about what happened.


Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said, while visiting Indonesia, that rules will be put in place so that “something like this can never happen again.”

沙特外长阿德尔·朱贝尔(Adel al-Jubeir)在访问印尼期间表示,将会制定规则确保“这样的事件永远不会再次发生。”

Khashoggi was at the Saudi diplomatic office to get documents linked to his planned marriage to Turkish citizen Hatice Cengiz.

卡舒吉当时是到沙特领事馆获取他计划与土耳其公民哈提斯·森吉兹(Hatice Cengiz) Hatice Cengiz结婚有关的文件。

I’m Susan Shand.

Words in This Story

journalist – n. one who reports the news for print, TV, radio or the internet

rogue – adj. something or someone that is different from others in usually a dangerous or harmful way

savage – adj. very cruel or violent

conscience – n. the part of the mind that makes you aware of your actions as being either morally right or wrong

decoy – n. a person or thing that attracts people's attention so they will not notice someone or something else

accountable – adj. required to explain actions or decisions to someone