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[翻译]AS IT IS - US: No Room for Asylum Seekers at Border Crossing

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A group of nearly 200 Central Americans was stopped on the Mexican side of the United States border on Sunday.


Their month-long march across Mexico was suspended when border inspectors announced they do not have enough space to house the marchers.


The Central American migrants are seeking asylum in the U.S. But President Donald Trump promised to “stop” them from entering the country.


The asylum-seekers arrived close to Tijuana, along the coast, where a steel fence stretching into the Pacific Ocean blocked their path. They sang the Honduran national anthem as supporters on the U.S side of the fence waved a Honduran flag.


Some migrants were permitted through an opening controlled by Mexican officials. But they were stopped on the other side at the entrance to the U.S. inspection center. Another 50 or so set up a camp on the Mexican side of the San Ysidro border crossing.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said the border crossing had “reached capacity” for people without legal documents. He added asylum-seekers might need to wait in Mexico temporarily.

美国海关和边境保护委员会的凯文·麦卡利南(Kevin McAleenan)表示,无证人士过境通道已经达到了能力极限。他补充表示,寻求庇护者可能需要在墨西哥暂时等待。

Trump has often spoken about the caravan of migrants since it began forming on March 25 near the Guatemalan border. His administration wants to end the policy known as “catch-and-release.” The policy permits those seeking asylum to be detained and released into the U.S. while waiting for their court hearing – a process that can take years.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions has called the caravan “a deliberate attempt to undermine our laws.” Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said asylum claims will be resolved and warned that anyone making false claims could be tried.

美国司法部长杰夫·塞申斯(Jeff Sessions)称这支移民车队是“故意企图破坏美国法律。”美国国土安全部部长克尔斯蒂恩·尼尔森(Kirstjen Nielsen)称庇护申请将得到处理,并警告提出虚假申诉的人士可能会被起诉。

Nicole Ramos is providing legal assistance to the marchers. She said the U.S. government has known that the migrants would arrive at the border to seek asylum. She blamed U.S. officials for their failure to prepare and to get more agents to the inspection center.

妮可·拉莫斯(Nicole Ramos)正在为这些行进者提供法律援助。她说,美国政府早知道这些移民会抵达边境申请庇护。她指责美国官员没有做好准备把更多工作人员派到检查站工作。

Ramos said, “We can build a base in Iraq in under a week. We can’t process 200 refugees. I don’t believe it.”


The caravan grew over the last month to more than 1,000 migrants. Some have sought asylum in Mexico. But many wanted to continue to the U.S.


At San Ysidro border crossing, U.S. officials can consider about 50 asylum requests a day. And the inspection center can hold up to 300 people.


Wendi Yaneri Garcia is seeking asylum with her 2-year-old son, who has been sick. She said police in her hometown in Honduras, jailed her for protesting work on a hydroelectric plant. Garcia said she also received death threats after being released.

Wendi Yaneri Garci跟她2岁儿子正在寻求庇护,她的儿子生病了。她说,洪都拉斯老家警方因为她抗议水电站逮捕了她。Garci表示,她在被释放后还收到了死亡威胁。

She added, “All I want is a place where I can work and raise my son."


Elin Orrellana of El Salvador is 23-years-old and pregnant. She said the MS-13 gang had killed her older sister. She is attempting to join other family members in the Kansas City area. The Trump administration has targeted the criminal group because of its killings in U.S. communities.

来自萨尔瓦多共和国的Elin Orrellana是一位23岁的孕妇。她说,MS-13帮会杀了她姐姐,她试图投奔住在堪萨斯城地区的其他家人。该帮会因为在美国社区行凶已经被川普政府列为目标。

She said, “Fighting on is worth it.”


I'm Jonathan Evans.

Words in This Story

migrant - n. a person who goes from one place to another to find work

anthem - n. an contry's official song

capacity - n. the ability to hold or contain people

caravan - n. a group of people traveling together

deliberate - adj. done or said on purpose

undermine - v. to make something weaker or less effective

plant - n. a building or factory where something is made

gang - n. a group of criminals