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[翻译]AS IT IS - US Recognizes Disputed Honduran Election Results

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The Trump administration on Friday recognized the results of Honduras’ disputed presidential election, despite problems found by poll observers and calls from the U.S. Congress for a new vote.


In a statement, the U.S. State Department congratulated President Juan Orlando Hernandez on his re-election, but also urged the country’s electoral commission to examine all disputes to the result.

美国国务院在声明中祝贺胡安·奥兰多·埃尔南德斯(Juan Orlando Hernandez)总统连任,但是也督促该国选举委员会审查选举结果的所有争议。

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in the statement that all sides should aim to end the recent violence that has killed at least 17 people. Nauert also called on security forces to respect the rights of peaceful protesters.

国务院发言人希瑟·纳乌特(Heather Nauert)在声明中表示,各方应致力于结束最近已经造成至少17人死亡的暴力事件。纳乌特还呼吁安全部队尊重和平示威者的权利。

Hernandez was officially declared the winner of the November 26 election on December 17. However, opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla and his supporters have pointed to fraud.

12月17日,埃尔南德斯被正式宣布成为11月26日选举的获胜者。然而反对派候选人萨尔瓦多·纳斯拉亚(Salvador Nasralla)及其支持者指向了舞弊。

The Honduran electoral court announced that Hernandez won with 42.25 percent of the vote; Nasralla received 41.42 percent.


Nasralla arrived in Washington earlier this week to seek support from the United States and the Organization of American States in a challenge to the results.


Election observers from the OAS and the European Union had found irregularities with the vote. The OAS, which sent election observers to the country, said in a statement it was impossible to know the true results because of the irregularities.


Nauert said the close election, along with issues identified by the OAS and the EU, demonstrate the need for Honduras to openly review all challenges to the results. She also said Honduras must aim to “heal the political divide in the country” and create election reforms.


Early results of the election showed Nasralla having a large lead over Hernandez, with 60 percent of the vote counted. Public updates of the count, however, stopped for more than a day. When they restarted, Nasralla’s large lead had disappeared. Hernandez pulled ahead.


On Thursday, a group of 20 Democratic lawmakers in the U.S. Congress asked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to support another presidential election in Honduras. The lawmakers cited irregularities found by election observers.


The group also asked Tillerson to criticize what it considered to be too much force used by Honduran security forces during street protests after the election.


Honduran police have confirmed 17 deaths. However, the opposition and the Committee of Detained and Disappeared, a non-governmental organization, say at least 24 people died in the unrest.


I’m Susan Shand.

Words in This Story

despite – prep. without being prevented by (something) — used to say that something happens or is true even though there is something that might prevent it from happening or being true

commission - n. a group of people who have been given the official job of finding information about something or controlling something​

fraud - n. the crime of using dishonest methods to take something valuable from another person

challenge – v. to say or show that (something) may not be true, correct, or legal

review - v. to look at or examine (something) carefully especially before making a decision or judgment