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[翻译]AS IT IS - Apple Reveals New iPhones

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This is What’s Trending Today.

The most popular topic on social media on Tuesday was the big Apple “event” in California.


The event took place at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California. People all over the world wanted to know about the new iPhone.


The main trending hashtags and topics related to Apple’s announcement were: #AppleEvent, iPhone 8, Steve Jobs Theater, and Apple TV 4K. Others appeared on social media during the event, which continued for over two hours.

与苹果公司发布会相关的主要热门标签和主题是:苹果发布会、iPhone 8、乔布斯剧院以及苹果4K电视机顶盒。发布会期间,社交媒体上还出现了其它标签和主题,并且持续了两个多小时。

Before Apple chief Tim Cook came on the stage to start the event, one Twitter user wrote that he had fallen asleep waiting.


The big news of the day was the iPhone 8 and the chance that an even more advanced iPhone would be revealed.

当天最大的新闻是iPhone 8以及发布更高级版iPhone的意外之喜。

But first, several Apple executives spoke with the audience. One spoke about Apple stores. She said the stores will now be called “town squares.”


Lily Rugo is a writer in Boston. She responded to this idea with a joke, saying she will continue to call the place where people go to buy Apple products “a store.”

莉莉·鲁戈(Lily Rugo)是波士顿一名写手。她就此开了个玩笑,她说,她会继续把人们购买苹果产品的地方称作为“商店。”

Apple spoke to its audience about changes to Apple TV and the Apple watch. The leaders also spoke about how its new campus was built with a number of environmentally friendly features.


Paul Haddad wrote: “Apple Park, the reason the iPhone is now $1200.”

保罗·哈达德(Paul Haddad)写道:“iPhone现在售价1200美元,原因就是修建了Apple Park(苹果企业园区)。”

And after 55 minutes, Apple CEO Tim Cook finally mentioned an iPhone.


The audience cheered and many people watching the event online were relieved.


The waiting paid off as Philip Schiller came out to talk about the new phones: iPhone 8 and 8-plus.

菲利普·席勒(Philip Schiller)走上来介绍了新款的iPhone 8 和iPhone 8-plus手机,大家的等待都值了。

About 20 minutes later, when Schiller was done, Tim Cook came back on the stage.


He said: “But we’re not stopping there. We do have one more thing.”


After a short music video, Cook presented the iPhone X, and he pronounced the “X” as the number 10.

在一段简短的音乐影片之后,库克介绍了iPhone X,并且将X读成了数字10。

Schiller returned to discuss the iPhone X. He said the main difference from earlier versions of the iPhone is that the screen has no outside border. There is also no “home” button. For many years, owners used the button at the bottom of the phone to unlock it and get to the main screen.

席勒再次回到舞台介绍iPhone X。他说,这款手机跟早期版本的iPhone手机最大的区别就是屏幕无边框,另外也没有Home键。多年来,苹果手机用户一直使用底部的Home键来解锁和进入主屏幕。

Now, there will be a feature called “Face ID.” The phone will recognize its owner and open the home screen.

现在有了一种名为Face ID的新功能。这款手机将会认出机主并打开主屏幕。

People will be able to order the iPhone X in late October. It will be available about a week later. It will cost $999.

人们将能在十月下旬订购iPhone X手机,然后在大约一周后发货。这款手机售价为999美元。

Some people wondered why there will not be an iPhone 9.

有些人想知道为什么没有iPhone 9这个版本。

Others pointed out that the price of Apple stock on the NASDAQ stock exchange fell as soon as Cook announced the new phones.


And that’s What’s Trending Today.

I’m Dan Friedell.

Words in This Story

reveal – v. to make (something) known

audience – n. a group of people who gather together to listen to something

feature – n. an interesting or important part, quality, ability, etc

payoff – n. the advantage or benefit that is gained from doing something

border – n. a decorative design along the edge of something