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[翻译]Education Report - Calais School Offers Migrants Help in Time of Crisis

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This is the Education Report.

Those sounds you hear are from the Chemins des Dunes School in France. The school serves a camp for migrantsnear the port of Calais. The students sit on chairs in a tent or outside in the sunshine. They do not pay to attend the school. Their teachers and the head of the school are all volunteers.

你听到的声音来自于法国Chemins des Dunes学校。该校为加莱港口附近的移民服务。学生们坐在帐篷里或是外面的阳光下。他们上学不用掏钱。该校的老师和负责人都是志愿者。

At a French language class, the students are learning terms for the weather, like rain and wind. Many of the migrants are from Sudan and Eritrea. They will soon see snow for the first time.


They are here to study art, Tai Chiand especially, French and English. Knowing one of those languages can help migrants in their efforts to live legally in France or in Britain, just across the English Channel.


Nigerian migrant Zimako Jones started the school. He says it is bringing together members of the city’s different migrant communities.

尼日利亚移民济马考·琼斯(Zimako Jones)创办了这所学校。他说这所学校把该市不同移民社区的成员团结了起来。

"Maybe you saw the Kosovar. He comes to school to sit down with blacks from Sudan, sometimes Afghan, two, three Afghan. For me, it's (a) pleasure for me to see them live together, unite together."


The school opened two months ago in this Calais migrant camp that people have started calling "The Jungle." Today, classes are full and more people want to sign up. Some classes are held outside of the tent, where the school began.


The school has a growing number of teachers. They work as volunteers without pay. One is speech therapistVirginie Tiberghien, who lives in the area. Some local residentshave protested against the migrants. But others, like her, want to help the new arrivals.

该校的教师人数越来越多。他们作为志愿者没有薪酬。居住于此的语言治疗师维吉妮·蒂伯海因(Virginie Tiberghien)就是其中一个。一些当地居民抗议过移民。但是其他一些人,像蒂伯海因,都想要帮助这些新移民。

"I often see people on the road so I wanted to meet them, to know the way they were living here. The school is a way to restorehumanity. And so it's a good thing."


Volunteers are also coming from Britain. Science teacher Niamh McMahon is from Kent. She heard about the school on Facebook. She crossed the English Channel with food, clothing and school supplies for the many migrants.

还有来自英国的志愿者。科学老师纳娅姆·麦克马洪(Niamh McMahon)来自于肯特。她在Facebook网站上了听说了这所学校。她渡过英吉利海峡,给很多移民带来了食物、衣物和学习用品。

"I just felt really emotional about what's going on here, how these people are being treated. They're desperate, they're running away from war and torture and suffering. And in a lot of cases, caused by Western policies. So I wanted to do what I could."


Zimako Jones wants to launch another school program just for women and children. He says the school shows that migrants can create something good in "The Jungle" of Calais. He hopes that Europe and its migrants can build a future together.


And that’s the Education Report. I’m Jill Robbins.

Words in This Story

migrant – n.people who move from place to place, usually in search of work

Tai Chi – n. a Chinese form of exercise that uses very slow and controlled movements

therapist – n. a specialist or someone trained in a given field

resident(s) – n. an individual who lives in a given place

desperate – adj. feeling or showing a sense of hopelessness

restore – v. to give back (someone or something that was lost or taken); to return (someone or something)