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What's really driving the boom in wellness foods?

Welcome to a new year - and perhaps, a ‘new you’. The latest, shiniest, addition to the weightloss industry is wellness - an Instagram search on the words reveals a staggering 15,315,754 posts.


The wellness industry is booming but is there any science behind it? The concept includes a panoply of different things from eating more vegetables to, at the extreme end, excluding certain food groups and adopting a whole new lifestyle.


Many people in the industry don’t like to describe ‘wellness’ as a diet, but Louise Foxcroft, a historian and author of A History of Dieting Over 2000 years, disagrees.

这个行业里的很多人不喜欢把"养生"限定为饮食这一个范畴,但历史学家兼《2000年的节食历史》(A History of Dieting Over 2000 years)一书的作者路易斯·福克斯克劳福特(Louise Foxcroft)却持有不同观点。

“There are so many diets for the general public and wellness is a more holistic way of approaching a healthy lifestyle; whether they say this is a diet or not, it is a diet. It’s a regime to live by and the idea is that you would be slim, because healthy is seen as slim, so there’s no getting away from it.”


There's no shortage of businesses developing products to cater to the trend. Rebekah Hall, founder and CEO of drinks firm, Botanic Lab, was an investment banker for 10 years before launching her company to capitalise on the new market. Botanic Lab's Refuel, for example, is a black liquid drink which according to the label is ‘a hypertonic blend with medical grade charcoal, mighty raw cane grass and a citrus hit of raw yuzu.’

通过开发产品来迎合这一趋势的企业不在少数。饮料公司Botanic Lab创始人兼首席执行官丽贝卡·霍尔(Rebekah Hall)曾经担任了10年的投资银行家,后来创办了这家公司,希望通过这个新市场获利。例如,Botanic Lab的Refuel是一种黑色液体饮料,标签上显示,这是"一种混合了医用级木炭、原生藤草和生柚的张力亢进型饮料。"

So, are people consuming drinks like these because it seems like an easier way of getting healthy than going out and doing some exercise?


“Everyone wants a quick fix and if you can provide someone with something that’s taking the hassle and mess away, that’s great and that’s part of what we do," says Hall. "But the drinks also have a real function attached to them and are used by a number of sports teams in the UK, for example premiership football teams who want to help refuel the body after exercise but don’t necessarily want to have refined sugar and processed ingredients.”


What will happen when people get bored of ‘wellness’ and start following a new fitness and health trend?


“There are fads within wellness,” says Hall. “There’s a new superfood every week but I think wellness, as an all-encompassing term, is not going away. People want longevity, ‘what’s the elixir of life, how am I going to live longer?’ and the pursuit of that is driving the choices we make in terms of lifestyle and food and drink.”


A visit to Stylist Live, a lifestyle show in London, with 200 stalls, dozens of guest speakers and around 20,000 visitors lays out the mind-boggling array of choices for people interested in wellness products.One of the exhibitors, LA Brewery, founded by Louise Avery, makes health-drink kombucha, fast becoming a favourite in wellness circles.

伦敦的Stylist Live生活方式展览上共有200个展台,数十名演讲嘉宾,还有大约20,000名参展者为那些关注养生产品的人展示各种令人难以置信的方式。其中一家名为LA Brewery的参展商是由路易斯·艾弗里(Louise Avery)创办的,该公司专门生产红茶菌,这种饮料迅速成为养生圈新宠。

“Kombucha was originally drunk 2000 years ago in China, it was a health tonic and I’ve developed a kombucha which I sell as a soft drink," she says. "The fermentation process means we only have to use very simple ingredients like tea, sugar which is fermented off in the process and then I add fresh fruit. You end up with this sour, delicious, fizzy drink, it is healthy, there’s nothing in it, it’s good for you.”


Other companies make a virtue of excluding certain ingredients from their products. Jamie Keeble works for Heck Sausages, which sells gluten-free chicken and pork sausages, many of his customers are coeliac, an autoimmune disease caused by a reaction to gluten, but others, like Keeble himself just choose to cut it out of their diet.

其他公司也跟风从各自的产品中去除了某些配料。杰米·吉贝尔(Jamie Keeble)任职于Heck Sausages,该公司开发一种无麸质鸡肉和猪肉香肠,他的很多客户都患有乳糜泻,这是一种因为对麸质的反应而引发的自体免疫性疾病。但其他人(包括吉贝尔自己)只是出于主观意愿选择直接将其从饮食中去掉。

“I’m not gluten intolerant but I prefer not to eat it because it makes me feel a bit different; everyone has this perception of gluten being evil so they naturally presume it’s something they need to avoid,” he says.


Wellness is often associated with another buzzword - clean eating - the idea that you should only consume foods that are minimally processed. Which seems very sensible - until that is, it gets obsessive.


This concept and its association with health has its critics. Daniella Isaacs has been performing a controversial stage show in London called ‘Hear Me Raw’ about her experience of the clean eating code.

这个概念及其与健康的联系也引发了一些批评。丹妮拉·伊萨克斯(Daniella Isaacs)一直在伦敦表演颇受争议的舞台剧,该剧名叫《Hear Me Raw》,讲述了她吃洁食的经历。

Isaacs was once a huge clean eating fan, and was first attracted to the trend because it gave her “control, structure, routine” to her life leading her to cut gluten, dairy, sugar and meat from her diet.


She eventually changed track and now writes about her experiences: “Of course there’s some wonderful things in wellness, but when wellness becomes a consumerist driven industry, it can’t provide the answers we’re looking for, that give you a truly healthy life.”