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The changing perks of a pseudonym

When Lyna Rose changed her last name to Rose from Jones last year, she felt the career benefits almost instantly.

去年,当丽娜·罗斯(Lyna Rose)把姓氏从琼斯(Jones)改成罗斯后,职业生涯立刻就转运了。

People in her social media networks started to refer to her by both her first and last name, which made her accounts more memorable and ultimately grew her online following and her business. She says the change also created a “softer” image she has long sought, which chimed with her career as a “spiritual influencer” – she writes about spiritual topics and has a large web presence.


“The business I’m in is helping people to connect to their spiritual roots,” she says. After the name change, she says people recognised her work as “being more authentic.”


People have changed their names because of fear over racism or bias for centuries. But experts say that as social media becomes plays a more central role in people’s career ambitions, pseudonyms are becoming more common.


Whether it’s about making gender or ethnic background more ambiguous, adding a middle name or creating an entirely different persona, it’s easier to avoid the administrative headache of altering your name legally and just create a new moniker online.


But optimising your name is tricky. Many recommend shorter alliterative names or those that roll off the tongue (a la Kim Kardashian or Brad Pitt), while others love catchy gender-neutral names. Ultimately, the goal is to create an identity that helps you get ahead.

但要起个好名字并非易事。很多人建议起个短一点的名字,或者朗朗上口的名字(例如金·卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)或布拉德·皮特(Brad Pitt)),还有人喜欢起性别上比较中性的名字。最终的目的是创造一种能帮助你取得成功的身份。

What’s changed?


In his historical research, University of Southampton economics professor Corrado Giulietti discovered that European immigrants who Americanised their names when arriving in the last century enjoyed more career and financial success than those who did not.

南安普顿大学(University of Southampton)经济学教授克拉多·秋列第(Corrado Giulietti)发现,在过去一个世纪来到美国的欧洲移民中,改用美国化名字的人在职业和财务上取得的成功高于没有这么做的人。

But nowadays, he says, more people are willing to change their name because they are interested in building a stronger personal brand. “In my research, it was to reduce the stigma, [now] it’s to actually increase visibility,” he says. These days more people are willing to experiment whereas in the past, simply adding an official-sounding middle name or shortening a last name would have sufficed, he adds.


Part of that increased need for visibility is creating a name that appeals to a wider – often global – audience, says Emilie Tabor, an Amsterdam-based strategic director at IMA, a digital influencer agency. Often times that means shortening difficult-to-pronounce names and changing common names to ones that are more memorable across cultures, says Tabor. Others just simplify spellings to make sure that they can work well as a Twitter or Instagram handle. “You don’t want to type in someone’s name six times to find their Instagram account,” says Tabor.

阿姆斯特丹网红代理公司IMA战略总监艾米丽·塔博(Emilie Tabor)表示,人们之所以越来越希望增加曝光率,部分原因是为了通过名字来吸引广泛的受众——通常要覆盖全球。塔博表示,多数情况下,这都需要缩短难发音的名字,还要把常见的名字变得更容易让不同文化背景的人记住。其他方面还包括简化拼写,确保在Twitter或Instagram上可以起到很好的效果。"你肯定不希望在Instagram上搜索某人的名字时需要输入六次才能成功。"塔博说。

An online name change can also help build up a separate part of your career, away from your day job, says Karen Leland, a San Francisco-based branding consultant.

旧金山品牌顾问凯伦·勒兰德(Karen Leland)表示,修改网名还可以帮助人们在自己的日常工作之外,发展第二份职业。

Many of her clients want to build or create an area of expertise for a new side hustle or venture that is distinct from their daytime career – for example, a data analyst who wants to create a well-known history podcast.  In these cases, Leland advises clients to use new names, essentially creating two “brands” – your real name for your day job, and your online persona for the side hustle you’re trying to build.


Moniker business


When changing a name, John Cotton, professor of management at Marquette University in Wisconsin, recommends finding a balance between a unique name and one that’s used more frequently. “There’s some advantage to having a name that’s somewhat unusual, but that is easily recognised,” Cotton found in his research. “You should know exactly how to spell it.” For example, names of popular historic figures such as Lincoln can create a sense of authority but are unique when used as first names.

威斯康星州(Wisconsin)马凯特大学(Marquette University)管理学教授约翰·卡顿(John Cotton)建议,修改名字时应该在特色与常用名之间寻找一种平衡。"有一个不常见的名字的确有好处,但必须容易辨认。"卡顿在他的研究中发现,"你必须知道如何拼写。"例如,林肯等著名历史人物的名字可以形成一种权威感,用在名里面,就显得比较独特。

Staying away from traditional names might help too. With so many new parents steering clear of religious names or choosing “fancy, trendy and more unusual names”, Corrado believes traditional 20th-Century names such as John or Mary are on the wane and will now be thought of as dated rather than associated with online success.


Jasmine Sandler, a New York-based brand strategist, will discuss a name change with clients if there are similarly named people on LinkedIn, but tells clients to go with their gut. While it’s simple to change a social media profile, many people make the mistake of updating their name with one they’re “not entirely comfortable saying out loud,” says Sandler.  So, whatever modifications you’re planning to make, it’s important to test out your new moniker before making the final call.

纽约品牌战略师贾思明·桑德勒(Jasmine Sandler)表示,如果LinkedIn上有跟他的客户名字相似的人,他就会跟客户沟通改名事宜,但他也会让客户遵从内心的感觉。虽然很容易修改社交媒体资料,但很多人还是会在改名时犯错误,起一个"不愿意大声念出来的"名字。所以,无论你想改成什么名字,都切记在做出最终决策前务必测试一下你的新网名。