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BBC英语新闻 - 乌克兰议会通过反同性恋法案

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BBC News with Jerry Smit

A curfew has been imposed in the town of Mubi in northeastern Nigeria after gunmen attacked students at a college hotel killing at least 26 people. A resident said the attackers went from door-to-door shooting or stabbing their victims. A BBC correspondent says suspicion were fall on the Islamist group Boko Haram. But a police spokesman Mohammed Ibrahim said they believe student politic was the trigger for the violence.


Precisely we cannot tell, but we strongly suspect insiders. As they went to the houses of their victims they called them by their name, as they came out from their houses, they killed them. That's is the reason why we suspected the students, because they held elections last week. We doubted with Boko Haram because their mode for operation is different from away these people operated it.


A late draft of a report by the European Commission into certain measures at Europe's nuclear power plants says hundreds of problems have been uncovered which might require up to 30 billion dollars to put right. Here's Christ Morris.

欧洲委员会的一份关于欧洲核电站若干措施的报告的最新草案称,已发现数百个问题,需要花费高达300亿美元的资金来修复这些问题。Christ Morris报道。

This report was commissioned in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan to see how Europe's nuclear power plants would fare during extreme emergencies. A leaked draft says nearly all of them need to undergo improvements. Four reactors in two unnamed countries have less than an hour to restore safety functions if electrical power is lost. The report notes that some safety measures agreed two or three decades ago still haven't been implemented in some EU member states.


A multi-faith service in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo is marking the 20th anniversary of a notorious prison massacre. One hundred and eleven inmates were killed by riot police who entered the Carandiru jail in central Sao Paulo to put an end to a riot in 1992. Relatives and human rights activists are demanding justice, saying the unarmed inmates were shot at point-blank range. The police say they acted within the law. No one has been found guilty over the killings.


The Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah has confirmed the death of one of its military commanders as well as several other fighters amid reports that they were killed in Syria. Jim Muir reports from Beirut.

黎巴嫩什叶派运动真主党确认一名军官和另外几名武装人员死亡一事,有报道称他们是在叙利亚被杀的。Jim Muir在贝鲁特报道。

Ali Hussein Nassif, described by Hezbollah as one of its commanders was given a big funeral at the city of Baalbek in eastern Lebanon, attended by many senior Hezbollah figures. The funeral of another of the movement's fighters Zine al-Abideen Mustafa, also in Baalbek, was shown on Hezbollah's television station Al-Manar. It said both men had died while carrying out their jihadi duties. Ali Nassif has been described as the commander of Hezbollah forces in Syria but there's no confirmation of that, none were reports that he and several of his men were killed in an ambush by Free Syrian Army Rebels inside Syria.


World news from the BBC.

A retired Indian general who was stabbed in central London on Sunday night has told the BBC that he believes the attempt on his life was a hate crime carried out by Sikh extremists. Lieutenant Kuldeep Singh Brar once carried out a high-profile operation against Sikh militants. He says he and wife were attacked by four bearded men of south Asian origin.


“I commanded operation Bluestar in 1984 when we went into the Golden Temple in Amritsar to secretly attacked on the extremists. And ever since then I have been under threat”.


The Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has blamed what he called the enemies of his country for the sharp falls in its currency the rial. Mr Ahmadinejad said western sanctions amounted to an economic war, but that would not stop Iran's nuclear program. The rial has fallen around 10% further in the latest trading and has now lost a third of its value in just over a week. Iran's central bank has placed a 5000-dollar limit on the amount of foreign currency travellers can take in or out of the country.


A bus has crashed on a hillside in the Peruvian Andes killing at least 22 people and injuring another 19. Initial reports say the driver who died in the accident lost control of the double-decker bus in a narrow and unsurfaced patch of road. The emergency services worked for hours to rescue the survivors and recover bodies from the ravine.


Ukraine's parliament has given initial backing to legislation which bans the promotion of homosexual activity. Gay rights groups in the country said the bill which won support from more than half of the 450-member-seat at the parliament discriminates against gay people and prevents them from gathering publicly. Correspondents say a similar law recently adopted in the Russian city Saint Petersburg has led to the arrest of several same-sex couples.


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